Press & Books

2021 Artbook «Drawings 2019–2020«


A compilation of my fine art drawings showcasing over 90 works on paper. Three formats available: Blurbbookstore

2019 Post stamp

Digital illustration for a stamp competition (Top 10 Finalists). Topic: Future shopping, launched by Die Presse & Österr. Post AG.

Die Presse am Sonntag
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.7 MB

2017 Picturebook «Minna und das Lacki-Lulu«

Simple childbook telling the true story of my maltese dog Minna in german language. Hardcover and e-book at Morawa, Amazon

2017 Photobook «Transparencies«

Some people like abstract images, others don´t. I do like. Transparencies in patterns, colours, light and shadow.
Photobook showcasing my early photography artwork in mixed media.


2016 Photobook «Ladies & Gentlemen«

Translating a body of my photography art into a photobook.

Photography is an essential medium in my work of art.

Interested in more photoart?