Press & Books

2021 Artbook

*Drawings 2019–2020" is showcasing a compilation of my pen and ink drawings during that remarkable period.

Available as special hardcover edition with layflat pages and additional as little handy artbook including more than

90 fine art portraits, characters, narrative sketches, figurative art, fashion drawings and fine line illustrations.


2019 Stamp - competition

Digital illustration for stamp competition. Topic: future shopping.

Top 10 finalists. Launched by DIE PRESSE & ÖSTERR. POST AG.

Die Presse am Sonntag
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.7 MB

2017 Picturebook

*Minna und das Lacki-Lulu", selfpublished childbook for children from 3.

A simple picturebook telling the true story of my maltese dog Minna with text passages in german language,

Available as e-book and hardcover at Morawa, Amazon, Thalia, Frick a.s.o.

2017 Photobook

Some people like abstract images, others don´t. I do like. "Transparencies" in patterns, colours, light and shadow.

Abstract photography, selfpublished photobook 2017 is about my visual language and photoart in mixed media.


2016 Photobook

"Ladies & gentlemen" is translating a body of my photography art into a photobook, selfpublished 2016.

Photography is an essential medium in my work of art.

Interested in more photoart?